Why are you redeveloping this property?

Across Canada, participation levels have declined and people are playing less golf, while operating costs continue to rise. Kanata Golf & Country Club has felt the pressure of these trends. We believe there is potential for greater public and community benefit if we explore options to repurpose these lands.

What are your future plans for the property?

Our plan is to operate the course as usual while we explore options for redevelopment in consultation with the community, stakeholders, and city officials.

Kanata is growing and there is a significant need for more housing. We see an opportunity for residential redevelopment that is compatible with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Will you continue to maintain the facilities and golf course?

Yes, maintaining the quality of our facilities and the condition of the golf course is fundamental to operating the club.

How much of the property will be redeveloped?

It is our intention to dedicate more than 25% of the property to high quality, public accessible green space – including new parks, trails, ponds, and landscaped buffers. The remainder of the property will be dedicated to the development of new homes that will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding community.

Do you have approval to redevelop the property?

Not at this time. A zoning by-law amendment will be required.

Does the 40% agreement allow redevelopment of the property?

The 40% agreement dates back more than 35 years and has provisions to allow for redevelopment of the land.

What have you been doing in lead up to the redevelopment application?

During pre-consultation with the City of Ottawa a number of studies were identified as requirements for the redevelopment application. Over the last several months we have been working to complete this work to submit a complete application.