What work is happening on site?
Some preliminary site investigation work is taking place on the property. This involves a survey team and equipment taking ground samples. The work is being conducted in a phased manner throughout the property and in clearly marked areas. We would appreciate residents avoiding these areas while equipment and workers are present.

Why are trees being removed from the property?
The trees being removed from the property are infested with ash borer beetle. This is an important maintenance activity to protect other trees on the property and for safety reasons. This work is being done under the supervision of a registered arborist.

Why are you redeveloping this property?
Across Canada, participation levels have declined and people are playing less golf, while operating costs continue to rise. Kanata Golf & Country Club has felt the pressure of these trends. We believe there is potential for greater public and community benefit if we explore options to repurpose these lands.

What are your future plans for the property?
Our plan is to operate the course as usual while we explore options for redevelopment. Kanata is growing and we see an opportunity for residential development that is compatible with surrounding neighbourhoods.

How much of the property will be redeveloped?

It is our intention to move forward with redevelopment of the entire property, incorporating an appropriate amount of greenspace. Our next step will be to initiate conversations and gather input from city officials.

How do I learn more and provide input?
Information regarding the project will be made available as it develops on this website. If you’re interested in receiving email updates, please provide us with your contact information via the Stay Informed section of this website.

Do you have approval to redevelop the property?
Not at this time. A zoning by-law amendment will be required which is a typical planning process associated with development applications.

Is ClubLink’s announcement in violation of the 40% agreement?
The 40% agreement dates back more than 35 years and has provisions to allow for redevelopment of the golf course lands.

Do you have similar plans for any other courses?

ClubLink is presently pursuing alternative use at one other location in Canada (Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, ON). Notwithstanding the pursuit of redevelopment at Kanata and Glen Abbey, ClubLink is committed to its golf business.