Project proposal

The redevelopment application submitted by ClubLink, Minto Communities, and Richcraft Homes includes new homes for families and more functional, high-quality public green spaces, available year-round.


Year Round Publicly Accessible Open Space

Provide an exceptional amount of public open space and greenspace that the whole community – new and existing – will benefit from.

Parkland, Open Space and Stormwater Management Ponds as Additional Neighbourhood Amenities

Incorporate a range of park spaces, while utilizing stormwater management ponds as community amenity areas to assist in facilitating a healthy environment.

Compatibility of Built Form

Offer housing types and forms that are compatible with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Residential Landscaped Buffers

Provide an appropriate amount of landscaped buffering between new and existing.

Strong Street Presence & Pathway Connectivity and Linkages

Provide pathways and linkages throughout the community; more direct routes to Centrum Shopping Centre and to connect to the Park and Ride.

The highlights


New Parks & Trails


Stormwater Management Ponds


Landscaped Buffers






Multi-Unit Residential

Key features

  • Houses, townhouses, and condominiums will be located to be complementary to adjacent homes, and transitioned appropriately, with the most dense uses located on Campeau Drive
  • All existing abutting residential properties will be lined with either a park, a stormwater management pond, open space, or a landscaped buffer
  • New road connections will integrate the new community with the existing road network
  • Mid-block connections and pathways will be retained
  • New open spaces will be provided along public streets, along with landscaping elements

Concept Plan

With a wide range of parks and ponds providing opportunities for both passive and active recreational uses, generous landscape buffers bounding the site – adjacent to existing homes, new green linkages connecting people to nature, and a unique mix of housing types for homebuyers, 7000 Campeau Drive will be a community that mindfully integrates with the existing neighbourhood’s character and charm, and one that residents will be proud to call home.